Welcome to the Elysium Dawn website. After much thought, and experience with the Elysium Dawn Forum, there is some things I want to do in a web page format, some server stuff, and in some stuff in general. It is quite a task to transfer what I want to from the now archived forum, so at first new content will be slow. Great things are coming though. Feel free to browse and watch for additions as I copy over, format, approximately 1,900 ~1200? posts. When I feel the meat of the work is done and ready to move forward with the next phase you will see a new, better, page. Obviously.

The first step is migrating the books on the Elysium Dawn forum into the simplified hierarchy on this Elysium Dawn, which consists of The Virgin Spring and The Codex Vault. That is about 500(?) books or more, off the top of my head. That is just the background, what has to be done first, and there is also stuff on my hard drive, pages from around the net, etc. Neverending in other words. That you see this is proof my, probably overly ambitious, plans are coming along. The Tower section will become apparent soon enough.

For some tips and tricks read the tips and tricks page.

Gott mit uns